Flappy Bird unblocked

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Flappy Bird unblocked

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Flappy Bird unblocked


Flappy Bird unblocked game is a side scrolling game which comes with 2D retro style graphics. The main object of this game is to direct a flying bird. The name of this bird is “Faby”. The bird moves continuously to the right, between the sets of Mario-like pipes. You have to maintain the space between bird and the pipe. If you touch the pipes, you will lose.
When you will go without touching any pipes, you will earn credit point. A medal will be awarded for the score. If you get a high score, you will able to get a bronze medal. After getting 20 points, a player receives a silver medal. Click on start button to start the Flappy Bird unblocked game. You have to allow the bird to fly. For this, you can tap the screen to allow the bird for flying and you are ready to go. Now you have to maintain the space between the pipe and bird.
That’s why you should try to stay at the middle of the screen until the first set of pipes appears.
In this game, you should care about the height. This is very important. If unable to do, then you hit the pipe. Finally, never try to go at high.

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Flappy Bird unblocked

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