Happy Wheels Unblocked

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  • Happy Wheels Unblocked


    Play Happy Wheels Demo Unblocked at School :

    Happy Wheels unblocked Game is a ragdoll physics-based browser game created by Jim Bonacci in 2010. Happy Wheels game has several featured characters, featured levels, level editor etc which a regular browser gamer would definitely love to play.

    Millions of arcade users love and play happy wheels demo at school even if the happy wheels game is blocked. There will be an update to the happy wheels game in near future which will definitely gets more number of plays them the first version of the happy wheels game.

  • Instructions:

    When you first open happy wheels demo unblocked game, you will be presented with choices such as Play, Browse Levels, Load Level/Replay, Level Editor, Options and Credits. If you have prior experience playing the game before, then you may go ahead and click on PLAY which will give you Featured Levels screen showing few hundreds of levels available for you to play such as Subway Rampage, Segwayball, The Antirobics, The poacher, I Save You Indy etc. Choose any one level that you wish to play and click on PLAY NOW and enjoy playing.

    If it is your first time playing Happy Wheels Unblocked, then it is recommended that you have a look at the Options which shows you Graphical options, Sound Options and Keyword Options. You have the ability to adjust all of the options according to your requirements. After you finish playing the game, you can now sit back relax and watch the replay of what ever level you played, which is one of the cool feature among many others in happy wheels demo.

    Level Editor:
    There is huge to explain about the level editor in happy wheels demo. You can create your own creative levels using the level editor option. Use your creativity, imagination to create a level which many other happy wheels users might love to play. You can save your work in the level editor after you are finished with editing and you can share your work with others users and friends in happy wheels unblocked.